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What are you struggling with?

Weight Control

Have you tried every diet and keeping gaining the weight back? Are you into bad habits and have noticed the weight slowing gaining?


 Are you feeling stuck in your current fitness routines? Lack of support or motivation can impede you from wanting to invest in your health and fitness.


Do you have a hard time sticking to a routine? Between kids, commuting, work, and any other responsibilities of life, it can often leave us feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day to fit in a workout.


Have you struggled with sticking to a healthy nutrition plan? From being unsure what healthy eating is, all the fad diets out there,  knowing how to eat healthy can be tough.


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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From the Gym

Well-Balanced & Well-Structured!

“I have been attending Leigh’s fitness classes for over 12 years & am proud to say that I am the oldest member of Sweatmaster Health & fitness” I attribute a large part of my health & well being to these classes. The classes I attend are a well-balanced mix of Cardio & strength with a well-structured warm-up & cool down. Leigh seems to know how hard to push you. By far the most important aspect of the classes is the enjoyment, how he gets you to enjoy pain is beyond me, but it is fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Sweatmaster to anyone who is keen to improve their fitness & wellbeing.”

~ John Christiansen

Stronger & Fitter!

“Big thanks to you Leigh for 7 wk program! Never got an opportunity at Xmas party to say thank you. I’m having gym members coming up to me and saying how much I’ve changed & congratulating me on my achievement which has been wonderful. It’s given me the opportunity to meet new people at the gym as well. The nutrition night kicked me off, feeling excited about what was ahead. I now have a completely different approach to diet & exercise. I feel so much stronger & fitter & I’m really loving my running. Thank you to Brad & Jamie for the Saturday sessions & advice re weekly food diaries. Towards the end of the program, I completed my first triathlon & loved it and did surprisingly well so I’m giving the Gatorade triathlon sprint series a go in a few weeks. Looking forward to future events @ the gym, thanks again Leigh.”

~ Mel Natoli

Fun & Supportive!

“I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Sweatmaster. You always leave with that exhausted but energized feeling knowing you have worked hard but feeling better for it. The environment of Sweaty is fun and supportive. It is a place where people remember your name, offer a friendly smile, and encourage you to do just one more squat than you would have otherwise. The variety of each class is fantastic. Every class is different so you never get bored with the same routine. It does, however, mean you are constantly working your body in new ways and therefore you can expect to feel sore often! Personally I love the boxing and boot camp style classes as well as the well-deserved coffee from down the road when I finish my weekend workouts.”

~ Brooke Clayton