Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5.20am HIIT 40min
 HIRT 40min   (Jack) HIIT (40min)(Jane)  HIRT 40min
Functional Strength 40min (Andrew/Jack)    
6.05am  Spin 45min
HIRT    60min (Andrew) Body Conditioning Circuit
60min (Sarah)
HIRT 60min
60min (Sarah)
7.30am           Run Group @Studio
60min (James)

HIIT 45min

8.30am            Body Conditioning Circuit 60min
9.00am          Spin 45min

60min (Jack)

9.15am HIRT 45min (Jane)   Cardio/Box Circuit 60min (Sar's)  Cardio & Core
60min (Tully)

Spin/Leg Strengthening 60min (Leigh)

Cardio Box/Circuit
60min (Sar’s)  
9.30am            Spin 60min
5.00pm   X-Training Circuit 


  X - Train Circuit


6.00pm  Spin
45min (Leigh)
5pm - 7pm  Spin
 45min (Annie)
 5pm - 7pm       
6.30pm Circuit starts every 3min     Circuit starts every 3min  
7.00pm Progressive Strength 60min
Boxing Circuit 60min
  Progressive Strength 60min

Group Classes


speed, endurance, strength, fitness, 45min

Run Group

If you have a goal in mind, want to run a distance, beat a time or even just find your running legs. We will help you with run correction, interval training, speed and endurance. (At Sandy Aths Track)* 60min


Strength, Tone, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular fitness. You want hard work and the feel of battling fatigue. Join in for an hour of hard work. Get ready to sweat and feel those muscles burn. From a range of weighted exercises, body weight routines, cardio switch ups, kettlebells and the killer battle ropes.


Time to shape your body with strict form on weights. A full body workout with only weights and body weight exercises. Shape/tone/strengthen 60min


Get the calories burning with a mixed cardio workout. Boxing/Running/Riding. 45min

Cardio & Core

A mixture of cardio with Core strengthening sets. 60min

Body Conditioning Circuit

The class that does not let you day dream. You will be on the move mixing your cardio with Bike, Run and also strength exercises. A good mix between spin, Sweatmaster, and Bootcamp. Let the body sweat and the muscles burn... Suitable for all levels of fitness. 60min

Sweat n’ Shred

We are so excited to have finally found the perfect instructor for the perfect class. Please welcome Sweat n' Shred with Mr. Andrew Svikers! Andrew will keep you guessing every week for 1 hour. It promises to be a great mix up of strength and cardio with lots of surprises in store -Boxing, Running, Spin, Strength Bands, Kettlebells, Weights, Outside, Inside, Parks, Ovals - you name it anything could happen & it probably will! 60min


Circuit Training with a combination of strength, cardio and high intense training. Everything you need in your day to day training needs. The session runs from 5pm - 7pm with a circuit that runs for 15-20min. you can come in and do as many circuits as you like. short quick workout or go hard with multiple sessions.


High Intense Interval Training  30min


High Intense Resistance Training - Strength withe Cardio. Total body burn and sweat to tone the complete body. 45min