Personal Training  1 on 1 Personal Training

We assist you with targeted advice and specific support, and help motivate you by planning and reviewing your program. Our trainers are some of the most experienced in the personal training business. We are here to provide you with some of the best training techniques used to help acheive your goals. By building a long term nutritional plan we meet your desired goals and help you make life changing habits. Whether you prefer to start your day on a high, come in after work, squeeze in times in your lunch break or fit training in around your shifts - our flexible studio hours will provide you with options! Contact one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers today for your first session.

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • 1 x PersonalTraining session (60min) per week $90
  • 2 x Personal Training sessions (60 min) per week $170
  • 1 x Personal Training session (30min) per week $60
  • 2 x Personal Training session (30min) per week $110

Group Personal Training

Jules-Sarah-boxingWe have introduced Group Personal Training with our highly experienced and qualified trainers. If you feel you need for that extra kick to get the body out of winter hibernation and back to the beach body, then Group Personal Training is for you. Enjoy sharing your workouts with fellow training partners, motivate each other, get inspired by training with others and reach your goals together. Most of all enjoy training instead of making it a chore. Checkout our new packages and find a time and day that suits you.

Call or email and we will find a session to get you started as quick as possible.

Availability Times and Days

  • Monday - Saturday 6am, 7am, 8am, 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am
  • Monday - Thursday 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm, 7.30pm

Don't forget that you can always make your own time and day with your own group of friends.


Group Personal Training (4 participants / 1 trainer)

  • 1 Group PT session per week + unlimited access to all Group Classes $65 per week
  • 2 Group PT sessions per week + unlimited access to all Group Classes $90 per week

For a more cost effective why of personal training and enjoying training with friends.

Book in at reception to join in on a group session that suits you or email for more info or a suitable time.


Group Classes

Unlimited Group Classes

Unlimited group training sessions:

  • Adult - $75 per fortnight
  • Student/Senior - $65 per fortnight
  • (No lock in contracts NO joining fee)

Class Visit Passes

  • Casual Visit - $25
  • 10 Visits - $230
  • 20 Visits - $410
  • 50 Visits - $900

All classes are sutible for beginners


speed, endurance, strength, fitness,  45min

Run Group

If you have a goal in mind, want to run a distance, beat a time or even just find your running legs. We will help you with run correction, interval training, speed and endurance. (At Sandy Aths Track)*


Strength, Tone, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular fitness. You want hard work and the feel of battling fatigue.  Join in for an hour of hard work. Get ready to sweat and feel those muscles burn. From a range of weighted exercises, body weight routines, cardio switch ups, kettlebells and the killer battle ropes.

The Original Sweatmaster

The original Sweatmaster class, Spin/Run. Here’s your chance to increase and improve your fitness, speed and endurance all in one class. Non stop cardio work for 1 hour caters for all range of fitness levels but be prepared to work HARD!!!


  •  High Intense Interval Training, Cardio and strength mixed together 30min


Time to shape your body with strict form on weights. A full body workout with only weights and body weight exercises. Shape/tone/strengthen  1 hour


High Intense Resistance Training- 45min of strength and cardio mixed together. High calorie burner

30/30 Spin/Core

30min of Spin with 30min of Core strengthening. 1 hour

Body Conditioning Circuit

The class that does not let you day dream. You will be on the move mixing your cardio with Bike, Run and also strength exercises. A good mix between spin, Sweatmaster, and Bootcamp. Let the body sweat and the muscles burn... Suitable for all levels of fitness. 1 hour.

Sweat n'  Shred

Tuesday 6.00am. We are so excited to have finally found the perfect instructor for the perfect class. Please welcome Sweat n' Shred with Mr Andrew Svickers! Andrew will keep you guessing every week for 1 hour. It promises to be a great mix up of strength and cardio with lots of surprises in store -Boxing, Running, Spin, Strength Bands, Kettlebells, Weights, Outside, Inside, Parks, Ovals - you name it anything could happen & it probably will!


Awesome 45min of boxing & cardio aimed to give you the ultimate calorie burn! Designed to give you a full body workout the class focuses on bag work, kickboxing, skipping and footwork while concentrating on correct boxing techniques. 

*Sandy Aths Run Group is held at the Sandringham athletics track on Thomas Street Hampton.